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Thread: Truncated Table

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    Truncated Table

    OS : Oracle 10g on Windows 2003.
    Suppose If I have taken a full database backup. After that I truncated a table from production DB.If the media failures and if I want to recover my data in this situation, will the truncated table will be available still after recovery,since it is creating no logs?.Just doubt.sorry If I am asking a silly question.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Since you have taken a full database back up and after that you are truncating a table, then you should able to restore because you have everything in the backup. But if you want to roll forward you can not since your database is in no archive mode.
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    ... and if you were in archivelog mode, you'd have to remember to rollforward to just before the point that you trucated your table using SCN/Sequence/Time to ensure you didn't truncate your table all over again.

    Some urgent reading is required me thinks (tahiti.oracle.com).
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