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Thread: Radio Buttons without a mouse

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    Within Forms does anyone know how to use radio buttons so that a mouse is not required?
    I am using radio buttons in my form and I notice that when a user presses tab while in the radio button field, the cursor goes to the next field. The only way for the user to select a different radio button is to click on it with their mouse.


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    I'm not sure about Oracle Forms, but the Windows standard is the arrow keys. For example, do a 'Post Reply' on this message and then SHIFT TAB up to the Message Icons above. You should be able to change your choice using the arrow keys, after which you can TAB back.


    - Chris

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    Try this:

    In the radio button property, search the "nevigate allowed" or
    something else, I don't quite remeber, but try that.

    Take care

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