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    Hanging Import Sessions


    I've two databases version, and we copy changes from branch to HO by Export/Import. It was working fine until I applied 9208 patch set on OCS recommendation. After applying the patchset, when importing from a user who has a DBA Role, the import hangs forever. When the DBA role is revoked the import is completed successfully. However, I need to import it with a user with DBA Role because the export file is exported from a user who has DBA Role.

    Any suggestions?

    Best Regards.

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    have your checked on Metalink if there are 9208 bugs related to the situation you have stated?

    also when it's hanging what wait event are you seeing?


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    1) Try with revoking DBA and granting IMPORT_FULL_DATABASE
    2) Support pando. Look at the wait events.
    To do so, start the imp using interactive mode, enter the username and password. Then the imp will start asking more questions.. stop here, start SQL PLus and issue
    select sid, serial# from v$session where upper(program) like '%IMP%';
    then issue select on v$session_wait where sid= the sid u found from the first quesry - the event name should be probably SQL Net Message from client
    Now get back to the IMP window and continue the import.
    When it hang, get back to the SQL window and repeat the query from v$Session_wait. Issue the query several times. See if the event there changes or stays the same.
    If it stays the same, post it here and also metalink for it

    Good Luck

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