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Thread: Clean Up Root Directory on Solaris

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    Clean Up Root Directory on Solaris

    We have a Solaris box and the root directory is at 98%. I know that /tmp and the user home directories are under root but is there another way to figure what else is taking up space? A unix command?


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    Use this command
    df -k
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    cd /
    du -ks *

    see which directories are taking up all the space - also /tmp should no way be under root

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    You can also use find / -size +nc (where n is a value in bytes) to show you the largest files. Are there any core files (find / -name core) which you can delete or archive off?

    As davey says, /tmp should not be under root. Neither should /var, but in my experience it sometimes is. /var/adm contains files such as utmpx and wtmpx which can grow to an inordinate size if not properly managed. These files can either be zeroed using cat /dev/null > utmpx or archived if you consider it necessary.

    It's also unusual to have user home directories under /, they're usually part of the /export/home filesystem on Solaris. Have any of your users been doing silly things like inadvertantly creating massive reports in their home directory?

    Hope this helps.
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