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    Need help, my situation is this

    Company bought a new server to replace the old oracle server.


    any suggestion on how to transfer of the database from the old server to the new server? and is this possible?

    note: I tried before an import but 2 days after the import is not yet finished.


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    Wow, I assume that this is a large db. You could tune the instance to speed up the import, but since it's already in progress, there's not much that can be done now. You could precreate the db on the new machine and transfer the cold backup from the old server.

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    Have a look at the old thread. My posting mention little breifing about cloning...

    How big is your database ?


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    A couple of options are listed below

    1. As metioned before - Use a cold backup of the original database on the new machine you will have to rename the datafiles unless the new server has the same filesystems setup.

    2. If both machines are networked create a new (empty) database on the new server and create a database link between the original and new databases. You can then use Create table as select command over the dblink.
    Be carefull with this....If you miss a table you'll get problems in your application

    3. Export/Import - You have already tried this without too much success...

    Try taking an export without the data (with rows=N) this will get the structure of the database over onto the new server. You can then move the database (inc rows) 1 schema at a time.

    If there are a couple of large tables (maybe the reason for the export taking so long) try a combination of export/import and dblink. Use the dblink for the few large tables and the export/import for all the others.

    Hope this is of some help

    Good luck


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