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Thread: query request

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    1.yes it can be reprocessed multiple times but rarely happens
    2.yes it's date datetype

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    Assuming you have no more than one reprocess per orderid/orderstageid query below should work. If you can have more than one reprocess per orderid/orderstageid additional logic is needed to sort out different reprocess items.

    select  a.orderid,
    from    order_history a
    where   a.orderid || a.orderstageid = (select   b.orderid || b.orderstageid
                                           from     order_history b
                                           where    a.orderid || a.orderstageid = b.orderid || b.orderstageid
                                           and      b.orderinfo = 'reprocessed')
      and   a.orderinfo   <> 'reprocessed'
      and   a.processdate >= (select   c.processdate
                              from     order_history c
                              where    a.orderid || a.orderstageid = c.orderid || c.orderstageid
                              and      c.orderinfo = 'reprocessed')
    Hope this helps.
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