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    Red face

    We have an Oracle Instance in which all the rollback segments are part of a tablespace that has one datafile.
    Unfortunately, the datafile is corrupted. we dropped the datafile using 'alter database datafile 'sdsd' offline drop; ' which got corrupted. deleted the datafile restarted the database. when we try create the new tablespace, it gives an error ora-376 cannot read at this time.

    when we try to drop the rollback segment tablespace using the command drop tablespace rollback_data including contents. it gives an error message. it contains active rollback segments. the status of the rollback segments are needs recovery.

    we want to drop the tablespace recreate the tablespace and rollbacksegments. how do we go about doing this ?
    R.John Dhinakaran

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    Have a look at today morning thread


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    You can use the init.ora parameter :
    _corrupted_rollback_segments=(seg1,seg2,... )

    Put the rollback segments with status "NEEDS RECOVERY" in this parameter. Remove them from the rollback_segments parameter.

    Procedure :

    Shutdown the db
    add the parameter to the init.ora
    start the db
    Immediate, drop the rollback segments
    shutdown the db
    remove the parameter from the init.ora
    startup the db

    Hope this helps

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