I tried to alter two unpartitioned tables and add partitions on the tables. The DDL code like this:

ALTER TABLE schema.fact_table_name
ADD PARTITION BY RANGE (partition_key_column)
PARTITION partition_name_200607 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE(' 20060801, 'YYYYMMDD', 'NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE = American'))

The ORA-00902 invalid datatype was generated by execution this DDL. Is this because partittion_key column datatype doesn't match with range? one partition_key_column datatype is number and other partition_key_column datatype is date. But ORA-00902 were generated for two tables. I also tried different syntex for adding partition clause, it generated different errors like ORA-14020, 14004 and 14501. If the table and indexes are not partitioned, can I use add partition clause as above or I have to drop table and create table with partition? I failed to find resolution on line and on your partition documents. Please advise the reason and resolutions. Thanks a lot.