Hi All,

I have a simple table with three columns as below:
person_id period_start period_end

I would like to populate this temp table with the following WEEKLY data for each employee.
person_id period_start period_end
======= ========= ========
100 01-JAN-2007 07-JAN-2007
101 01-JAN-2007 07-JAN-2007
102 01-JAN-2007 07-JAN-2007
100 08-JAN-2007 14-JAN-2007
101 08-JAN-2007 14-JAN-2007
102 08-JAN-2007 14-JAN-2007
100 24-DEC-2007 30-DEC-2007
101 24-DEC-2007 30-DEC-2007
102 24-DEC-2007 30-DEC-2007

Note: The period_start should start with 01-JAN-2007 and end 30-DEC-2007 for each employee.

Thanks in advance.