Dear DBA's
I have a problem in loading of the Patch for Oracle Clinical .I have a Oracle Clinical application using Oracle 9i database loaded Unix 11.11 platform . I have downloaded the Patch. I am following the instructions given by oracle .
1) I log into the Unix server using the opapps user name
2) then I set the environment variables using the syntax below and the get the below detail
$ p1=database name p2=45 opa_setup

Found line in oratab file for database "database name".
echo Code env "45" found in opa_settings for database "database name".
echo Database "database name"found in oratab.
echo Setting ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID for local database name>
echo Setting RXC_ROOT
echo ...Done.

3) it then says to determine the path specification for the directory pointed to by the environment variable RXC_PATCH: % echo $RXC_PATCH .
after I give this I get "RXC_PATCH -parameter no set "

How do I proceed to find the directory pointed to by the environment variable ?

Thanks and regards