Range Partitioning with NULL values
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Thread: Range Partitioning with NULL values

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    Range Partitioning with NULL values

    I've got a table I want to range partition (version 9204) and keep 3 months of data, creating a new partition every month and dropping the old one. The problem is that the partition column allows NULL values as it only updates once another program processes the row.
    Setting the MAXVALUE allows these NULLs to be stored but then I cant use ADD PARTITION to add a new partition every month:
    Can anyone give me some suggestions?

    Table Name                     Partition Name                     Num Rows    Size (Mb)
    ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------ ------------
    ****************              JAN_2007                          9,378,280        1,794
    ****************              FEB_2007                          8,531,160        1,639
    ****************              MAR_2007                         10,832,340        2,078
    ****************              APR_2007                          8,486,340        1,625
    ****************              MAY_2007                          3,957,960          761
    ****************              MAX_VALUE                           873,380          160
    When trying to add a partition for JUN_2007 I get

    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-14074: partition bound must collate higher than that of the last partition
    ORA-06512: at line 8
    I cant work out how I can use SPLIT PARTITION to get what I want

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