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Thread: incremental export/import

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    Probably, there are lots of easy ways to do this, but I must use incremental export and import.
    The following is the brief description about the situation.

    machine A and machine B have an indentical structure.

    DB1 is a primary database and DB2 is a cloned database.

    on Sunday, I took a full export from the DB1 and imported into the DB2.(full.dmp)
    ( I already imported data into the DB2)
    on Monday , I took a incremental export from DB1.(incfile.dmp)
    on Tuesday, I want to import incfile.dmp into the DB2.

    Can anybody tell me the right syntax and procedure?

    imp system/manager inctype=system full=y file=incfile.dmp
    imp system/manager inctype=restore full=y file=incfile.dmp


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    I think you will need both...

    Check out:
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    Never did incremental import. Help.

    Thank you for the reply.
    I already read that.
    I think that I need both, but I am not sure.

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    yes you need both!
    inctype=system will update your data dictionary
    inctype=restore will then restore

    If I remember right (because I never had to do this type of export/import) you take the newest dump file to update the data dictionary to reflect the latest objects you have then you import with restore option to fill up everything you changed.

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    My final syntax :


    1. for full export :
    exp system/manager file=full.dmp full=y consistent=y log=full.log

    2. incremental export:
    exp system/managr file=inc.dmp full=y inctype=incremental consistent=y log=inc.log

    Import :
    1. for full import:
    imp system/manager file=full.dmp full=y log=fullimp.log

    2. for incremental import:
    imp system/manager file=inc.dmp full=y inctype=system log=incimp.log
    imp system/manager file=inc.dmp full=y inctype=restore

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