I'm very new to this whole DBA thing, so I apologize if this is a redundant question. I am working on 9i databases.
We have a couple of databases which need some restructuring. The structure of the tablespaces are fine, but the issue I have is with the unnecessary amount of datafiles within each tablespace (for example we have one tablespace with 8 datafiles totalling 16GB although only 5GB is used in this tablespace...and each datafile is at most 30% utilized). I'd like to combine the datafiles but I am not completely clear on the best process in which to do this.
From the research I have done, it seems as though I should do a tablespace export, drop the tablespace, recreate the tablespace with the amount of datafiles and the size I am seeking and do an import. This sounds too easy to be honest. I primarily use OEM, and have exported a db through OEM, but I am not sure if doing an export/import using OEM is the right way, or if there are extensive scripts I need to create for this.