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Thread: Backup method

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    Hi, All:

    We have a new system installed Oracle 8.1.6. Now we are considering the method of Backup/Recovery.

    In our system 2 disks and 1 tape device can be used for backup. And I think there are 2 ways to use them:
    1). 1 disk : archive log;
    1 disk : backup using by RMAN;
    1 tape : backup's backup
    2). 1 disk : archive log;
    1 disk : the copy of the archive log;
    1 tape : backup using by RMAN;
    I don't know which is better? which is common?(The data size is about 20GB)
    Can some one give me some advices?


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    This all depends on how the disk is layed out. Is disk#1 mirrored? If not, option #1 would be out IMHO because your archived redo logs do not have any redundancy. If disk#1 is mirrored, option #1 would yield the best performance.
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    Thanks for your help.

    Would you tell me what IMHO means?

    Disk#1 is not mirrored, so we don't have the second archived redo log. Do you mean that the mirror of the Disk#1 is most important? Should I increase another DISK?

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