Hi Colleagues

Installed RAC 10.2.0 version...on 2 nodes..
for some reason, when it gets to the point when I run the root.sh, it hangs on:

Startup will be queued to init within 90 seconds.


The CRS services are started...but the configuration wizard fails at the OP Notification server assistant...so I run the configtoolAllcommands and then I get the error above...

Server is Linux OS.
VIP is on ifcfg:eth0:1 (130.35.55.x)
Private is on
and Private is on 130.35.x.x

when the configuration wizard runs, it does not see the eth0:1 interface...
so i thought this may be the issue. It sees on eth1 and on eth2
SO on the configtoolAllcommands file, i change the interface to eth0:1 for VIP and rerun the command and it still fails.

any ideas?