Hi all,

The need has arisen to move one of our databases from one server and recreate onto another new server. The new server will have the same o/s Windows 2003 and run on the same Oracle version (10.2.1). Because of this i would have thought this would be the easiet way to move the database:

1/ Shutdown the db/listener on the original box
2/ Take a cold back of the db
3/ Create the new service on new box
4/ Restore the coldbackup to the new server
5/ Startup mount with pfile if restore is to new directories and then rename in mount state OR if directories match the original server then a normal startup should do.
6/ Create a listener on the new server
7/ Check all connections
8/ Take backup of new db

Is there any steps i am missing or can do differently or is this the best way? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.