Editing Profiles and Avatars (Revisited)
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Thread: Editing Profiles and Avatars (Revisited)

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    Editing Profiles and Avatars (Revisited)

    I saw the previous post here about one of the members concerns for being able to use avatars.

    Since this was my concern as well but being the last post I saw was placed by the administrator stating that they would be enabled; I was hesitant to place my post here for the sake of being redundant and figured I'd give it some time.

    But it's now April 1, 2007 and I still am having a problem with the upload of avatars. I have always had the options available to me so I don't believe it's a matter of enabling them but whenever I attempt to upload my avatart I receive the message:

    "You may not upload animated images."

    Why is this? I have seen others having animated avatars in the forum. Is this some special privilege of only a selected few???

    Or does longevity of being a member actually affect the types of avatars one may upload?


    P.S. Aside from this concern I thought it only right to add that I think your forum is a great asset to the Database community!!! Keep up the good work.
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