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Thread: blocking notification

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    blocking notification

    I had a user that forgot to log out and he locked 2-3 other jobs for about 11 hours. I would like to setup something in oem grid control to monitor this.
    How can i setup a rule that if a user is blocking for more than 20 minutes, to send me an e-mail about this? Im on

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    I cannot use Metric "Blocking Session Count" solution because blocks is not a problem if the block is for a short period of time.

    I need to be notified if a block last a long time like 20 minutes.
    Than a user-defined-metric with an sql statement would be my solution.

    Does anyone has a query that would spot blocking session for more than a certain amount of time?

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    You can setup the Oracle Resource Manager to kill the session when it blocks another session for more than specific ammount of time.
    About the query, look at v$session


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