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Thread: re-configure isqplus

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    re-configure isqplus


    I used to be able to run my isqlplus until we changed the IP address of
    our db server. Where do I edit file/folder in isqlplus to update the ip address?

    Thanks a lot

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    212 do I re-install isqlplus dear?

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    Hi jennifer2007,

    When you are attempting to access isqlplus; are you actually on the database server or attempting to access it from a remote server?

    By default the isqlplus application installs under http://the_database_hostname:5560/isqlplus and per Oracle documentation, there is no installation or configuration required for the iSQL*Plus user interface other than a Web browser so re-installing the program isn't going to be an option.

    Before going to far in what may be the wrong direction for providing assistance to you, have you or have you had someone check the database server to make sure the iSQL*Plus service has successfully started?

    I have seen many times that this small detail is often overlooked and has posed a very common problem when the service has stopped so I'd also suggest this should be one of the first places to check.

    Post what you find.

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    Thanks for the info it doesnt need re-installation then, if I changed
    my IP address. Maybe I have to to check the services then.
    Im running my isqlplus on the server itself.
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