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Thread: Oracle 10G RAC - Public & Heartbeat on 1 NIC

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    Oracle 10G RAC - Public & Heartbeat on 1 NIC

    Hello all,

    actually I am installing Oracle 10G RAC on rhel 4 (4 node cluster). But the Cluster Verification Utility aborts with errors. I checked the configToolAllCommands and tried to run the failed commands manually:

    #/opt/oracle/crs/bin/oifcfg setif -global eth0.100/ eth0.728/ eth0.498/

    PRIF-50: duplicate interface is given in the input
    PRIF-50: duplicate interface is given in the input
    PRIF-50: duplicate interface is given in the input

    Is it possible to put Public & Heartbeat on one NIC (eth0.728 & eth0.498)
    If not is their any workaround for that issue?

    Output /etc/hosts

    # that require network functionality will fail. localhost.localdomain localhost cfmaster eu0200 eu0201 eu0202 eu0203 eu0200m eu0201m eu0202m eu0203m

    # Private section eu0200-priv eu0201-priv eu0202-priv eu0203-priv

    # Virtual section eu0200-vip eu0201-vip eu0202-vip eu0203-vip

    Output install log:

    Checking existence of VIP node application (required)

    Check failed.
    Check failed on nodes:

    Checking existence of ONS node application (optional)

    Check ignored.

    Checking existence of GSD node application (optional)

    Check ignored.

    Post-check for cluster services setup was unsuccessful on all the nodes.

    Command = /opt/[company]/oracle/crs/bin/cluvfy has failed

    INFO: Configuration assistant "Oracle Cluster Verification Utility" failed
    *** Starting OUICA ***
    Oracle Home set to /opt/[company]/oracle/crs
    Configuration directory is set to /opt/[company]/oracle/crs/cfgtoollogs. All xml files under the directory will be processed
    INFO: The "/opt/[company]/oracle/crs/cfgtoollogs/configToolFailedCommands" script contains all commands that failed, were skipped or were cancelled. This file may be used to run these configuration assistants outside of OUI. Note that you may have to update this script with passwords (if any) before executing the same.
    SEVERE: OUI-25031:Some of the configuration assistants failed. It is strongly recommended that you retry the configuration assistants at this time. Not successfully running any "Recommended" assistants means your system will not be correctly configured.
    1. Check the Details panel on the Configuration Assistant Screen to see the errors resulting in the failures.
    2. Fix the errors causing these failures.
    3. Select the failed assistants and click the 'Retry' button to retry them.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    You need at least two NIC to performa a RAC installation, recommended four

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