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    Many to Many relationship-Table creation

    I am stuck in my project.
    Although I do know what I want but i guess I am very confused in the office where I am working. this office is about Shipping .. Ports .. Ships .. Import & Export.. i am on contract .. and there is something called Disbursement account in Shipping..which is my current project..I am programming in ASP.. which i going fine... But the tables that i should be creating... is a bit complex .. for which i need help ...
    will it be possible for someone to show me a way or guide me how to do that.
    I am the only IT employee in this company as this company doesnt need IT dept as such..
    so I was trying to find answer to my questions .. on internet which was my last resort..
    I saw this website ... I just hope somone helps me out..
    Please lemme know
    will be waiting for a reply..

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    I just couldn't understand your question but I suppose it's related with the title line.

    If that's the case you have to remember the golden rule "you have Master and Variable tables... in between two Variable tables you have always to have a Master table" (Does is shows how old I am? LOL)

    If you are modeling two tables that have many-to-many relationship manely table_a and table_b... you have to create table_c which will allow you to have...

    table_a <<---> table_c <--->> table_b

    Good luck!
    Pablo (Paul) Berzukov

    Author of Understanding Database Administration available at amazon and other bookstores.

    Disclaimer: Advice is provided to the best of my knowledge but no implicit or explicit warranties are provided. Since the advisor explicitly encourages testing any and all suggestions on a test non-production environment advisor should not held liable or responsible for any actions taken based on the given advice.

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