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    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by sonaliak [/i]
    [B]Thanks a lot jmodic.
    You answered all the questions I had.
    Which DBA tool would you recommend ?
    As you may have guessed I am new to this dba world.
    Ours is a startup company and we do not have these tools as yet.

    Thanks again

    I don't want to favor any vendor or tool, however since I also have to write a lot of PL/SQL I use TOAD extensively. You can even get a fully functional version for free from the web. And yes, I still use good (or bad) old SQL*Plus a lot, it is an extremely poverfull and simple basic tool if you know how to use all of it's features.

    Apart for that I've used some other tools from Quest, BMC, Platinum and of course Oracle Enterprise Manager - they all have many wonderfull capabilities and some less vonderfull "features" (usually price is one of those). Hovewer I think most important think for dba is to understand what is happening in the database dictionary behind those nice and shiny front end screens. For that, there is no better way as to write your own bag of management and reporting scripts (even though maybe latter you'll switch to those WYSYWIG tools for the same reports, because their resukts are represented so much nicer and more understandable).

    My 0.02$,
    Jurij Modic
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    Thanks a lot!

    I'm highly greatful for providing the above information. it will definitely prove benefitial.

    I had some problem about a query running at client site which used to go into a long slumber state but now I feel I'll be able to find something.

    Thanks al lot.


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