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Thread: How To Use The Select Statement To Display No Null Values

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    How To Use The Select Statement To Display No Null Values


    IAM A NEWBIE TO PL/SQL.i have created a table with 50 which i have inserted values in 5 fields.what i need is if iam going to select the record with some condidtion it should not display all the records only the fields with value should be displayed.
    i have pasted my script.pls check out and tell me.

    a number:=1;
    Mnemonic number;
    "@id" number;
    exit when a>10;
    a :=a+1;
    "@id" :=1001+a;

    INSERT INTO CUSTOMER ("@id","Mnemonic","Gb Short Name","Gb Name 1","Gb Street","Sector") VALUES ("@id",Mnemonic,'ratheesh','name','anna nagar','1001');

    pls help me out..

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    I would think you would have to define a collection, iterate through each column of each row to determine which columns are not null, then copy the relevant values into the collection.

    The more important question though is 'why'? I tend to think that your data model needs some work if you are attempting to do this.

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    Also, you're going to regret those column names and the need to wrap them in double quotes everytime you reference them.
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    i agree with the others.. first, tell us why you want no nulls? nulls are very important.. its like saying "I only want to breathe oxygen, i dont have any use for the 78% nitrogen in the air that I breathe, can someone tell me how you remove it, so I dont have to breathe it?"

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