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    If I issue the Create Table, Alter Table or Drop Table command to the primary database, will the changes be reflected in the Standby Database? I didn't think DDL commands generated redo information in the archived logs, but the standby documentation I have seems to indicate that these commands are supported. I need to make this change today and am confused about whether I need to rebuild the standby database or not.

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    Shure DDLs generate redo information - if this was not true the recovery would not be possible. However they do not generate undo entries in the rollback segments - hence the rollback of DDL is not possible.

    All DDLs are safely transfered over to the standby database, don't wory. Only if you change the physical layout of the primary database (add tablespace, add datafile) you have to transport this new datafiles to the standby before you apply the logs with those changes (you don't have to rebuild standby database at all!).

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    Thanks for your help!

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