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Thread: ASM instance wont mount

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    ASM instance wont mount

    HI, I have 10g release 2 installed on CENTOS 4.4, I use ASM striping with with 4 raw disks.

    I had a system crash due to a power failure and now the the ASM wont mount the diskgroup.

    export $ORACLE_HOME=+ASM
    SQL> startup mount;
    ASM instance started

    Total System Global Area 130023424 bytes
    Fixed Size 2071000 bytes
    Variable Size 102786600 bytes
    ASM Cache 25165824 bytes
    ORA-15110: no diskgroups mounted

    SQL> alter diskgroup RESEARCH1 mount;
    alter diskgroup RESEARCH1 mount
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-15032: not all alterations performed
    ORA-15063: ASM discovered an insufficient number of disks for diskgroup

    now when I use /etc/init.d/oracleasm listdisks I can see all my disks:

    then i tried to change asm_diskstring to point the mounting point, here is my ora file:

    +ASM.asm_diskgroups='RESEARCH1' #Manual Dismount

    any ideas?

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    Check the disks status in v$asm_disk. All the disks should be ONLINE.
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