I need to move some tables from the current tablespace(schema) to another tablespace. I also need to poupalte these data back to original tablespace as a part of table re-oragnisation using


It may be re-oranised in the same tablepsace or another.

But one of my table contains CLOB datatype. I wanted to know this type of data type would be handled using Oracle 8.1.7.

I wish to follow steps, if CLOB datatype handelded

A. Create a new tablespace TEMP_DATA with autoextend option of datafile

B. Move all the tables of schema (tablespace) in the new tablespace, moving the data we want to save over temporarily

C. Truncate all the tables from schema

D. Resize the current tablespace, if required.

E. Move the data from TEMP_DATA back to the current

F. Re-build all the concern unusable or invalidated indexes

G. Drop the TEMP_DATA tablespace