Hi everyone!
I was wondering if anyone has any experience using EMC BCV's with RMAN backups... including RMAN incrementals.

We have an application that runs that has limited restartability. If it fails, they have to go back to a previous time. (No RMAN right now). So what happens now is they take a complete BCV at several intervals... each to their own location (so that we can restore to any point).

I know that RMAN can be used with BCV, but I'm not sure how it works with incrementals. My assumption would be that you split the mirrors and take an RMAN backup of the BCV copy. Then take incrementals of the PRODUCTION db at specified times. Then if a restore was needed, the RMAN restore would use the incr0 from the BCV copy and then use the incrementals from production.

I've read the document "Exploiting EMC Timefinder and Oracle Recovery Manager" but it doesn't talk much about incrementals, just says you can use them.

Any help would be appreciated!