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    Oem is not notifying me of alert_file errors

    I installed Oracle Enterprise Manager grid control
    I configured it so i receive an e-mail for every notification rules.
    I received a couple e-mail yesterday, seem to work ok on that part.

    This morning i had the following error on one off the database that is monitored by the grid:
    ORA-1654: unable to extend index LOG.PLAY_CREDIT_TAMPON_PK by 8192 in tablespace TS_PLAYLOGS_TAMPON

    OEM did not notified me.

    Also, i had other kind of alert_file errors "smaller problems" but still i would like to be notified.
    I installed oem so i stop reading manualy the alert_file every morning.

    I thought this was configured automaticaly?
    So i did the following to be notified of alert_file errors:
    In the Preferences/Rules pages.
    I select Database Availability and critical States, clicked edit.
    In the Metrics tab, i have choosed:
    Generic Alert Log Error
    Generic Alert Log Error Status
    At severity States = Critical.

    Still no mails, nothing, im having errors in alert_file and im not notified. What am i doing wrong?

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    Can you check alert log permissions .
    It should be readable by "B" user.
    if your DB owner is "A" OS user and Agent owner is "B" OS user.
    We had same issue when our agent owner was not able to read alert log contents.
    You can also check following
    On EM On your DB Home-page in Metric collection error link below does it showing any errors.

    OR you can check
    DB Home page --> All Metric --> metric (Alert Log Error Status)
    See if they are showin "Set" . If its set and and not able to collect than it will say . Collection error on "date"

    Hope this helps....


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    Well, i can see my alert_log error by going:
    Database_home/Diagnostic Summary: i click on my alert_log.

    I see errors: like the important one:
    ORA-1653: unable to extend table my_table by 1024 in tablespace my_tablespace

    It is very important that i receive an e-mail for such an error.

    My config:
    If i click Generic Alert Log Error Monitoring Configuration:

    Maybe my filters are not well defined
    Alert Log Filter Expression: .*ORA-0*(54|1142|1146)\D.*
    Critical Threshold for Generic Alert Log Errors : ORA-0*(600?|7445|4[0-9][0-9][0-9])[^0-9]
    Warning Threshold for Generic Alert Log Errors: ORA-0*(600?|7445|4[0-9][0-9][0-9])[^0-9]

    I dont know perl, can you help me?

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