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Thread: Normalization

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    I am trying to normalize the following table:

    Student (StudentNum, StudentName, NumCredits, AdvisorNum, AdvisorName, DeptNum, DeptName, (CourseNum, Description, Term, Grade) )
    According to the book, the rrimary key will be StudentNum, CourseNum, and Term. Going from 1NF to 3NF... Please help

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    Advisor name depends on advisornum presumably. Move advisor name to a seperate table and use advisornum as a FK.

    Same for deptnum / deptname.

    Same for coursenum / desc.

    A table of studentnum, coursenum, term, grade handles the grade info.

    You will then have a table of students, advisors, courses, and grades that link to each other with foreign keys.

    You don't want fields in a table that depend on other 'non-key' fields. In fact, the fields should depend only on all of the key fields, otherwise you have a partial dependency. So, if the primary key is A,B,C, then d-f should depend only on A,B,C and not just B,C. f should not have any dependency on d.

    Your book should already have this, but here are the rules of normal forms:
    Rules of Data Normalization.

    To get to 3NF, you remove repeating fields, redundant data, and partial dependencies.

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