We have a problem in standby database.There was an error
ORA-19505: failed to identify file "/mnt/backup/arch/ISPRO20/-1063755125_1_12802.arc"
ORA-16055: FAL request rejected
There was an archive file gap.So we moved manually.But after that error was occured automatic archival to remote standbydb stopped.
We checked all parameters and then bounced primaryDB.But nothing happened. so we are moving manually till now.
we proposed to recreate standby next week,(remove current .dbf,.log in standby,and copy from primary.dbf,.log,.ctl)by copying hotbkups.
Also,proposed to create standby control file before hot backup begins.
I scared whether it will show error while mounting standby stating that control file is older. OR i should create control file after the completion of moving all .dbf file to stdby.(It will a take nearly 1hr to move .dbf files from prod to stdby).

please suggest whether i can clear the existing error(I lost hope on that),or
i should create control file before or after.

Thanks in advance.