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Thread: Replication between 9iR2 and 10gR2

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    Replication between 9iR2 and 10gR2

    How do we use REPLICATION in getting data from Oracle 9i Server to Oracle 10g Server? We have an existing database running 9i. We have setup a new database running 10g. We want to use REPLICATION to Sync data on 10g and 9i. How can we do it taking into consideration the difference in Oracle version. We do not want any downtime on the server running 9i. It is a kind of Migration. Once the Data on 10g syncs with 9i data, we will switch to 10g data.

    Thank you

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    Can someone through more light into this?


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    It is not quite clear what you are trying to do. It does not seem to be a good way to migrate anyway.
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