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    Talking alert log entries on 10g R2 ignore or to not ignore??

    hello all,

    we are currently going through the upgrade process from 9i to 10g r2 standard edition, so far so good. Few problems but nothing that I couldnt sort out.

    We get an error in the alert log about Ora-02097 and ora-00439. These are apparently something to do with a regression of a enterprise edition thingy that is trying to be used in standard edition.

    Do you like the use of thingy??!?!?!

    I could ignore it as it doesnt appear to be bothering the funtionality of the db but would like other peoples opinion as their knowledge is wide and vast

    See flattery does work.

    cheers muchly

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    Please post the exact, full error messages.

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    here it is

    Tue Feb 06 18:00:10 2007
    alter database backup controlfile to 'H:\dbbackups\datafiles\cntrlbck.sql' reuse
    Tue Feb 06 18:00:11 2007
    Completed: alter database backup controlfile to 'H:\dbbackups\datafiles\cntrlbck.sql' reuse
    Wed Feb 07 01:00:16 2007
    Thread 1 advanced to log sequence 311
    Current log# 5 seq# 311 mem# 0: G:\ORADATA\AGRTEST\REDO05.LOG
    Wed Feb 07 06:00:01 2007
    Unable to restore resource manager plan to '':
    ORA-02097: Message 2097 not found; No message file for product=RDBMS, facility=ORA
    ORA-00439: Message 439 not found; No message file for product=RDBMS, facility=ORA; arguments: [Database resource manager]

    The highlighted part is the error

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    Did you plug in your error(s) into Oracle's Metalink to see what Oracle has to say about it?
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    "Message 2097 not found; "
    That's a bit annoying?
    Are you sure your ORACLE_HOME is set?

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    oerr ora 2097
    02097, 00000, "parameter cannot be modified because specified value is invalid"
    // *Cause: Though the initialization parameter is modifiable, the modified
    // value is not acceptable to the parameter.
    // *Action: Check the DBA guide for range of acceptable values for this
    // parameter.

    00439, 00000, "feature not enabled: %s"
    // *Cause: The specified feature is not enabled.
    // *Action: Do not attempt to use this feature.
    "Message 2097 not found"
    Alert log cannot fetch the message associated with these error numbers

    About the error :
    Check your init ora parameter for resource_plan. Something amiss with it
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