db_keep_cache_size and buffer_pool_keep
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Thread: db_keep_cache_size and buffer_pool_keep

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    db_keep_cache_size and buffer_pool_keep

    Hi. I am trying to test the various db cache size parameters available and trying to see where I can use them to improve performance. I am having difficulty understanding the difference between "db_keep_cache_size" and "buffer_pool_keep".

    Also the difference between "db_recycle_cache_size" and "buffer_pool_recycle".

    Any clear explanation would be fine. Thank you.

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    Well, I belive buffer_pool_keep and buffer_pool_recycle, together with db_block_buffers is kept for backward compatibility and means more or less the same as db_keep_cache_size and db_recycle_cache_size, just the buffer_pool_* is specified in DB Blocks but caches are specified in Megabytes. That was the oracle operated before 9i

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