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    insert locks aplication


    We have a problem in a insert, he locks the instance and nobody can do anything.
    Some one now how a insert can go out after a period of time like 60 second?

    The aplication is in java remotly.


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    Does the app use locking? What insert triggers do you have? Have you looked at the dba_waiters view? Have you tried setting tracing?
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    "he locks the instance"
    An insert does not 'lock' an instance (unless you consider an uncommitted transaction a lock that prevents normal instance shutdown).
    It gets a share lock on the table being inserted into.
    The inserted row is 'locked' but if uncommitted then no other session would be able to see it from an UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT...SELECT or SELECT FOR UPDATE.
    SELECTs don't take locks anyway, so they would have no problems.

    INSERTs can cause concurrency issues for other INSERTs/UPDATEs/DELETEs if there is a bitmap index. (Effectively a single row in a bitmap index covers multiple table rows, so changing one table row can 'lock' other table rows).

    Suggest you read
    to understand locks
    Then explicilty state exactly what statements the insert is actually preventing/stopping/locking

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    We have a problem in a insert, he locks the instance
    Hmmm.. it may be a situation where you have to run hanganalyze.
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