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This is my first message on the Forum.
I have recently passed the DBA part 2 exam, I have very little experience as DBA although I have more then 7 years of experience as an Oracle Developer.
As soon as I informed my supervisor that now I am officaillay an Oracle Certified Associate DBA, he assigned me submit two reports.
A) We have tables that have millions of records. An example of the smallest table is that it has 66338594 records with average row length as 102.
I am supposed to provide some suggestion as to what should be done with these tables (Archive or partition or both based on dates like prior to 2000) what ever the option is the archived data or partitioned data must be available for “SELECTS” only.
I would like your expert’s opinion on such a case.
What are the advantages of archiving vs. partition?
Is there a table size that oracle recommends that should be archived or partitioned?
If we choose archive as one of the option, then after all data before 2000 is archived, the data from production tables must be deleted, but deletion of data from table does not release space, how can this improve performance?
I don’t know as I said I am new as DBA, does not understand a lot of technicality involved.
I was thinking that data that is used very rarely and only for “SELECTS” can be archived and the remaining data can be partitioned as A and B (A being most current). Is it possible to query the archived data.
B) Currently we are using Oracle 9i as DB, and Oracle 6i for Forms and reports, I am supposed to submit the advantages the comes with 10G, if we migrate from these version.

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Thanks to all