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    MSCS, Shared Disk, Home Directory

    I have installed Oracle on Node1, and created not only the Database on the Shared Disk, but also pointed the Home Directory to the same Shared Disk.

    Now that I am about to install Oracle on Node2, it dawned on me that having the Home Directory on the Shared Disk from Node1 may be a problem??

    Can I point Node2's Home directory to the same location as Node1? Do I install Node2's Home directory to the local Disk on said Node? Do I need to move Node1's Home directory?

    I just can't seem to find the answer to this specific scenario in any Documentation or Forums. As a side Note, I intend to use Fail Safe (to which may or may not be implied by what I just described).

    Windows 2003 Enterprise SP1
    Oracle Standard Edition 1
    Shared Disks are formated NTFS

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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