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    Question Rebuilding Indexes and Recreating Partitions. From Old Tbl to New Tbl. (RESOLVED)

    I need to know how, by using SQL Queries, Do i do the following:

    1-Create a new empty table based on another tables structure:

    I have worked this part out.

    Create Table NewTable as Select * From OldTable Where 1 = 0


    2-Rebuild the Indexes on the new table so they start where the old table ended off

    Not a clue


    3-ReCreate the exact partitions of the old table, to the new table

    Not a clue

    Please note that it must be done using SQL Queries!

    Also when i try to export a script of a table to see if i could get a clue of syntax etc from there, TOAD crashes everytime. Oracle help and most of the help on the net will only tell me how to do it using the interface and not Queries. The idea of this is to do it without TOAD just using Queries. Thanks in advance

    Using Toad for Oracle version 8.6
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