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Thread: redo log files

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    redo log files


    I am having a problem when i try to start the database. The problem is as:

    SQL> startup
    ORACLE instance started.

    Total System Global Area 239075328 bytes
    Fixed Size 788308 bytes
    Variable Size 212596908 bytes
    Database Buffers 25165824 bytes
    Redo Buffers 524288 bytes
    Database mounted.
    ORA-16038: log 3 sequence# 2329 cannot be archived
    ORA-00227: corrupt block detected in controlfile: (block , # blocks )
    ORA-00312: online log 3 thread 1: 'E:\ORACLE\ORADATA\ORACLE1\REDO03.LOG'


    do i need to drop the log files and create once again.. if yes how do i proceed? or what is the best way to get rid of this problem?

    Note: db wasnot shutdown properly.

    Thanks in adv

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    Always mirror your redo log to avoid such problem. Recover your database to a point in time before the error.

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