I am trying to print out reports in 3 different trays of a single printer.
The report works fine for printer "HP LaserJet 4200 PCL 6"

I am using the following script in "Before Report"
srw.attr.mask := SRW.PRINTER_INTRAY_ATTR;
srw.attr.printer_intray := ' Tray 2';
srw.set_attr(SRW.REPORT_ID, srw.attr);

But if i switch to other printers for example HP Laserjet 5 or HP 8000 printers it prompts an error stating "REP-1921: Input printer tray ' Tray 2' not available on selected printer"

It would be greatly appreciated if someone can come up with some ideas to resolve this issue.

I am using Oracle Reports 6i