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Thread: oratab summary

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    Could anyone shed some light on the oratab file? I've looked in various manuals and there is very little (that i have stumbled across) that explains that file. ie. I've consulted the install guide, sys admin guide, and various Oracle Press books.

    Here is what i have assumed to be true about the file.

    1. in the installation of Oracle for Solaris, the oratab modified by running the root.sh script.

    2. oratab is used by dbstart, and dbshut

    3. This file keeps the SID, ORACLE_HOME, and autostart flag for each instance on the server.

    I'm a junior dba trying to fully understand my site's setup from a file by file basis. If anyone could elaborate on this file for me, or point me to a good book or document, i would be very thankful.

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    Oratab is the table of ORACLE_SID and corresponding ORACLE_HOME.

    Whenever you set environment, I mean 'coraenv' or 'oraenv' it reads thru this table and picks the sid and its home.

    Usually,this is used frequently for automating the database maintenance on this server, as its having the all the databases on the server.

    This z all I know...

    Note: Read the posting 'environment variable issue' also

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