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Thread: Database Design for well performances

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    Database Design for well performances

    Hi All:

    I am going to designing a database on window-2003 Server environment soon. After long period and new version of oracle 7-9i I have to do that. In sense of 9i version of oracle if any one have clear concept how to manage the storage Management. Please tell me which area of database I need to care and how I can design appropriated database specially storage managements area.

    Thanks all in advances here.


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    You do realise that Premier Support for 9iR2 end on July 2007, right?

    Anyway, if you are able to do an export of your Oracle7 database and then import into an new 9iR2 database, I would recommend the use of locally managed tablespaces (I prefer AUTOALLOCATE but others prefer UNIFORM; I guess it depends largely on whether you like to micro manage space). Bear in mind, however, that the legacy storage clauses in your .dmp file will influence LMTs. Essentially, if your inital extents are large, AUTOALLOCATE will start large.

    You could also look at Oracle Managed Files (OMF). I've never used these since all our databases use raw devices, but there are just an ease of administration thing in 9iR2. You don't have to worry about naming files anymore...

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    thanks & please do u have any ref books and site that i can got summary about above subject if so it will be really helpfull for me there.

    thanks once again.


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    Hi Samad,

    IMHO it doesn't make any sense to begin now a new project on 9.2.

    As Hacketta1 said in his reply:
    >> Premier Support for 9iR2 end on July 2007

    Use instead Oracle 10.2.


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