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    Tnsnames.ora Issue

    I have moved a database to a new server. I then modified by tnsnames.ora on my machine to point to the new server. It works fine through TOAD but I cannot connect through the SQLPlus client on my machine.

    When I do a tnsping to the databse from Windows cmd line it returns the tnsnames.ora entry for the old server. So it seems that my machine is using a network tnsnames file.

    How do I find it?

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    whats the output of the environment variable TNS_ADMIN (and make sure you updated the right one)

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    What is the command

    I am a unix person. How do I see the value? in unix I would do echo $TNS_ADMIN. What is the windows command?

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    no TNS_ADMIN

    I do not see any TNS_ADMIN set. My SQLPlus is using a tnsnames.ora file somewhere I cannot find.

    I turned on tracing but it just keeps showing me the wrong tnsnames entry but it does not tell me what file it is reading. How do I determine that?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Here is the log

    I cahnged the host name and user name but this should give you an idea

    Fatal NI connect error 12505, connecting to:

    TNS for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production
    Windows NT TCP/IP NT Protocol Adapter for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production
    Time: 14-DEC-2006 15:28:49
    Tracing not turned on.
    Tns error struct:
    ns main err code: 12564
    TNS-12564: TNS:connection refused
    ns secondary err code: 0
    nt main err code: 0
    nt secondary err code: 0
    nt OS err code: 0

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