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Thread: Performance issue

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    Performance issue

    My company has added one more CPU to AIX box and now in total 4cpu are there. But now its hitting performance of Database. Anything needs to be done like increasing db_block_buffer size, SGA size or anything that can increase the performance of my system.

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    Run statspack. Possibly you had an i/o problem before and the increase in CPU's has made it worse. Funky, huh?
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    I dont know whats hitting the performance but when I see the hit ration of system & session it shows 75% and normally it should be 90%. Do you know some documents where I can install and analyze Statspack for ORACLE

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    you need to use utlbstat / utlestat

    why did you add an extra cpu?

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    Dont know it will help you are not. But i faced this kind of issue already. database was performing ok. Manager felt adding CPU will improve (managers dont listen to others :-) ) . We also added some processing power which resulted in
    high processing power and low IO power. so database was performing very badly. I watched tail -f alert_log for some 2-3 hrs.
    and found that database works ok when log files are not switched.
    and when log file swith is going on it kind of hangs. and switches are happening very frequently. so i added logfiles with almost double the size of existing one. It helpled in my case. Dont know if it will help in your case or not . You need to find out what exactly is happening in your case.

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