RMAN RECOVERY completed successfully but table not recovered
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Thread: RMAN RECOVERY completed successfully but table not recovered

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    RMAN RECOVERY completed successfully but table not recovered


    I need help with this Rman recovery Process.
    I am in the process of testing RMAN backup and Recovery.
    1) I created a table and tablespace. (Table was populated with 50 rows)
    2) I took inc_0 backup
    3) Dropped the table
    4) Started rman restore and recovery.

    5) Rman recovery completed sucessfully but when I checked the dropped table it is not there.

    Here is my command

    RMAN> sql "alter tablespace rananitbs offline immediate";

    sql statement: alter tablespace rananitbs offline immediate

    RMAN> run{
    allocate channel dev_0 type sbt_tape;
    allocate channel dev_1 type sbt_tape;
    2> restore tablespace rananitbs ;
    recover tablespace rananitbs ; }
    3> 4> 5>
    allocated channel: dev_0
    channel dev_0: sid=26 devtype=SBT_TAPE
    channel dev_0: Data Protector A.05.10/PHSS_34321/DPSOL_00190

    allocated channel: dev_1
    channel dev_1: sid=24 devtype=SBT_TAPE
    channel dev_1: Data Protector A.05.10/PHSS_34321/DPSOL_00190

    Starting restore at 04-DEC-06

    channel dev_0: starting datafile backupset restore
    channel dev_0: specifying datafile(s) to restore from backup set
    restoring datafile 00012 to /dbs9i/data1/rananitbs_1.dbf
    [Normal] From: OB2BAR_Oracle8@hpxnd02.srv.gapac.com "dbs9i1" Time: 12/04/06 08:38:57
    Starting OB2BAR Restore: 05 hpxnd02.srv.gapac.com:hpxnd02.dbs9i1_incr_0.dbf // Oracle8

    [Normal] From: OB2BAR_Oracle8@hpxnd02.srv.gapac.com "dbs9i1" Time: 12/04/06 08:41:32
    Completed OB2BAR Restore: 05 hpxnd02.srv.gapac.com:hpxnd02.dbs9i1_incr_0.dbf // Oracle8

    channel dev_0: restored backup piece 1
    piece handle=hpxnd02.dbs9i1_incr_0.dbf tag=TAG20061204T073701 params=NULL
    channel dev_0: restore complete
    Finished restore at 04-DEC-06

    Starting recover at 04-DEC-06

    starting media recovery
    media recovery complete

    Finished recover at 04-DEC-06
    released channel: dev_0
    released channel: dev_1

    RMAN> sql "alter tablespace rananitbs online";

    sql statement: alter tablespace rananitbs online

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    You restore a table using tablespace point in time recovery technique and not the method you used


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    I an sure, you need to apply logs just before the time you dropped the table.

    Think, it is getting dropped again as the archives are applied which has the drop table command.

    Correct me if i am wrong.

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    Yes you are correct
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