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Thread: Script to monitor oracle database

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    Script to monitor oracle database

    Could anyone please provide me with a script (VBScript or BATCH Script) that can be used to monitor the status of the Oracle Database and listener services and send an alert as an email on the status. I want to achieve this without installing any additonal utility. Is it possible.. could any one please help me.

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    Any script you install could be construed as an 'additional utility'. In any case, Nagios has a plugin (that doesn't actually require Nagios) that you can use to check several facets of a Oracle installation. It is trivial to write a wrapper to the check_oracle plugin that will run out of cron and email you if something fails, so you don't need Nagios proper at all.

    Alternatively, you can install Nagios on a seperate host and have it run the check_oracle plugin from there, or call it via SSH. Lots of options.

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    Click the "Scripts" column in the above headings dear....there might
    be one suited to your needs.
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