Hi All!

Is it possible to use the backup data of one database to another database. Following is my requirment.

1. Database Name: DB1
Backup: weekly full backup with RMAN utility. I have backup of yr1wk1, yr2wk2, ......yr2wk1, yr2wk2.
2. Other Database Name: DB2
Want to fill yr1wk2 backup data of DB1 in DB2 as I need reports with data upto yr1wk2 and the same time DB1 should have current data yr2wk2. Note yr1 is the last year; yr2 is current year.
3. Database size is big ~ 500GB

Backup is not logical, export. Is it possible to create DB2 from DB1 (clone it) and perform the above. If so, do I have to register DB2 with same catalog(RMAN). How should I go about this.

I would appreciate your help/web link/alternate option.