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    Hi All!

    Is it possible to use the backup data of one database to another database. Following is my requirment.

    1. Database Name: DB1
    Backup: weekly full backup with RMAN utility. I have backup of yr1wk1, yr2wk2, ......yr2wk1, yr2wk2.
    2. Other Database Name: DB2
    Want to fill yr1wk2 backup data of DB1 in DB2 as I need reports with data upto yr1wk2 and the same time DB1 should have current data yr2wk2. Note yr1 is the last year; yr2 is current year.
    3. Database size is big ~ 500GB

    Backup is not logical, export. Is it possible to create DB2 from DB1 (clone it) and perform the above. If so, do I have to register DB2 with same catalog(RMAN). How should I go about this.

    I would appreciate your help/web link/alternate option.



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    if you are running 8i transportable tablespaces might be a solution for you. you can use RMAN for these operations, but i'm afraid i can't offer any more help than what is in the docs.

    check it out, d.

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    Hrm I'm not completly sure what you want. What I gather is

    You have DB1, that is always current, and you take weekly backups. You said they are not logical, but exports. Those are the same thing :) Is it a cold backup, hot backup or an export?

    You also have DB2, which from your example you want the data as of one year ago for the same week. I assume the data changes or you could just query off DB2 (or some copy) for the year old data.

    Is DB2 always a year behind DB1 or do the reporting requirements change frequently? Is there a reason DB2 can't be a clone of DB1 more geared twoards data warehousing and reporting and kept current, or does the data have to be from the old backups?

    Assuming you need just the data from a specific weekly backup,

    If your backups are cold backups of DB1, and you can take down the database to restore it weekly, your easiest bet is just to re-open DB2 from whatever DB1 backup you need, just put the files in place (datafiles, control files, etc) and open it up.

    If your backups are hot backups you can follow a similar procedure but might need to either use archived logs or fake recovery. Your probably better off with a cold backup assuming it's possible.

    If your backups are exports, you should just be able to create a fresh DB2 and import whatever full backup you need.

    If you can keep each week or so of data in it's own tablespace you could use the transportable tablespaces but not sure if that's feasable, it would depend on your application.

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    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    powneill: I know export is a logical backup. My backup is hot backup using RMAN. I don't think we need to shutdown the database incase of RMAN utility. RMAN check the block level corruption even though database is open while taking backup.

    I was thinking as you have mentioned just to put the all files in directories and open DB2. Since the backup is taken by RMAN utility, all the backup files( data, control, etc.) are in one file which is in RMAN file format. Now, how do I restore it in DB2 as the backup is form DB1 and catalog knows that backup is taken form DB1. Is there any way I can decode the backup file(RMAN) in normal files (I mean exact format as in DB1).

    Let me explain the requirement in more detail, probably some one from the forum can able to give me some solutions.

    I got a dataware house(I mentioned it DB1). It contains data of many organisations(Members) which are clients of our client who owns the datawarehouse. Retaintion period for data is 3 months. But data has to be archived for 5 years so that report can be generated from old data if a member request to generate a report from a date which could be any date from last five years. Since I can not restore DB1 from the requested date as there are other memebrs who need current data I need archive database(which I mentioned DB2).

    I cannot use export utility because of size (~500Gb). I can not take backup without RMAN as I am using Veritas NetBackup who recommed to use RMAN.

    Appreciate your suggestion in advance



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    sounds like your application is for yearly comparison - same date last year, or same date any prior years.
    pls let me know if you find solution because we keep all years under one database it make the database very very big.

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    As I knew, Varitas Netbackup could do restore the backup
    database to other host. Varitas web site has specific document
    for doing this. It describes detailed steps to modify bp.conf file
    and rman hostname to "cheat" backup server send files to your
    Hope this will help.

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