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Thread: connect internal password problem

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    guys, heres the problem, its probably something simple, but I hope you can help.

    On solaris, i log in as root, then su - oracle. the db is an 8.1.6 db. i then type svrmgrl, then i connect internal. but it is asking me for a password. i need to shutdown then restart the db for changes in the init.ora to take effect. the oracle user is in the dba group.

    is there anyway around this problem.


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    I did something on NT, when I got the same problem. But, I don't remember. How many instances you have on the box ? R U using Remote authentication or Not ? Usually its mismatch between ORACLE_SID and corresponding ORACLE_HOME. Try

    echo $ORACLE_SID
    echo $ORACLE_HOME

    and see its pointing to right version. There are bunch of checks to verify whats the problem. Here I am attaching the metalink doc.


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