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Thread: audit dbms_shared_pool.keep

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    audit dbms_shared_pool.keep

    Database( objects are pinned. Pinning process is done by:
    exec dbms_shared_pool.keep

    Need to find what user, process is pinning them.
    For this we considered auditing package dbms_shared_pool package.
    So I planned:
    - to bounce DB to not have any pinned objects
    - to run:
    SQL> AUDIT execute ON dbms_shared_pool BY ACCESS WHENEVER SUCCESSFUL;

    Please help to audit this package and to find relevant info on which process, users are executing exec dbms_shared_pool.keep Can you also confirm whether we have to set the init.ora parameter? AUDIT_TRAIL

    Please take in consideration that this is PROD instance.

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    We have done the following in TEST:
    1. set AUDIT_TRAIL=DB
    2. shutdown and restart database
    3. AUDIT execute ON dbms_shared_pool BY ACCESS WHENEVER SUCCESSFUL;
    4. then for testing, I issue
    execute dbms_shared_pool.keep('APPS.FND_PROFILE');
    5. I checked v$db_object_cache and I can see FND_PROFILE is now pinned.

    But when I tried to select on DBA_AUDIT_TRAIL & AUD$, I didn't get any row.

    So where can I find the audit inforamtion?

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    have you considered searching dba_source to look for calls to that procedure?
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