First off, this is a test environment that I am having trouble on. My dail full backups were running find up until a few days ago. This database also had a standby that was taken down around the same time the problem occurred. Now, when doing full backups, it backs up the datafiles but errors out when it reaches the archive logs. The archive log folder then began to fill up since the scripts didn't delete the logs. The error I get is that it can resync because RMAN-20033: controlfile sequence# too low. After the script errors out, I go into RMAN and any command I issue give me the same error. I run resync catalog and all command work fine, but then when running backup, it messes up again. First question: Is this cause by the standby no longer being up? Did the standby clean out the archive log folder before? Question 2: What happens if RMAN backs up archive logs and deletes them before the standby applies them? Does this ever happen? Thanks!!